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Hong Kong slideshow, food

Hong Kong food, snacks, and dishes. Little Balls of Fire - street snack curry fish balls
Soft & Crunchy - "Deep Fried Pair"
Old Favorite - 'Deep Fried Strip'
Seed-picker's Nightmare - Dragon Fruit
ET Going Home - Duck Feet served at wedding banquet
Pure Grease - street snack 'Fried Stuffed Three Treasures'
Kermit Deconstructed - frog congee
Jonah's Friend - fish head and tail put together by waiter serving steamed fish dish at a banquet
Bite-sized Delights - mini egg tarts
The Real Chow Mein - pork strip stir-fried noodles
Hot and Heavy Yummy - street snack roasted yam
Low Protein Breakfast - steamed 'cheung fun'
Northern Cuisine - steamed 'shui gau' dumpling
Sweet Announcement - sweet and sour pig's knuckles with ginger, usually served to guests when there's a newborn in a family